2013 MH Conference

On behalf of the Mental Health Coalition of Sierra Leone, we are pleased to invite you to the 2nd Annual Mental Health Conference of Sierra Leone.

This year’s conference will take place on 19th March, 2013 at the British Council in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Please see the attached Letter of Invitation, Official Invitation Card (with the conference program) and Registration Form.

As there is limited space, the MH Coalition requests that registration is completed by 12th March, 2013. Please submit the attached registration form either electronically to Isata Bunduka (enablingaccesscorpa@gmail.com) or in person at the Enabling Access to Mental Health Project Office (Bass Street 3, Off King Harman Road, Brookfields, Freetown).

Please find the Invitation Card, Invitation Letter, and Conference Registration Form using the links below:


MH Conference Invitation Letter

MH Conference Registration Form

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    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your quick response. We are having technical difficulties at the moment and attempting to post the attachments.

      Thanks for your patience,


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