What you can do if you think you may have depression

  • Talk to someone you trust about your feeling. Most people feel better after talking to someone who cares about them.
    Seek professional help.Your local worker or Mental Health Nurse is a good place to start.
    Remember that with the right help, you can get better.
    Keep up with activities that you used to enjoy when you where well.
    Stay connected. Keep in contact with family and friends.
    Exercise regularly, even if it’s just a short walk.
    Stick to regular eating and sleeping habits.
    Accept that you might have depression and adjust your expectation. You may not be able to accomplish as much as you do usually.
    Avoid or restrict alcohol intake and refrain form using illicit drugs; they can worsen depression.
    If you feel suicidal (that life is no more worth living), contact someone for help immediately!

Remember: Depression can be treated. If you think you have depression, seek help!

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