Donation Starts Now to Support the #Feeding Campaign of the #Mentallyill Patients

The following message comes on behalf of Mental Health Coalition – Sierra Leone and their project, Reaching Out to Those Affected by Mental Illness:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today marks the start of giving and its #GivingTuesday. In line with that, the Mental Health Coalition – Sierra Leone and in collaboration with the Social Work Sierra Leone are reaching out to the #mentallyill patients, in the length and breadth of #Freetown, #Sierra Leone, with a heart of #love, #empathy and to treat them with dignity and respect.

Please Donate here!

This will create an atmosphere of trust and confidence, after long time of neglect, among the patients, their parents/guidance, the social workers and the mental health nurses, which will also lead to improved care and wellness and enables them to be reintegrated into Society and their communities for better productivity & increase wealth.

Remember the #WHO quotes state that: There is no #health without Mental Health and health (which include mental health), is #HumanRight.

Thanks for your #support.

Walter Carew,

MH Coalition Chairman

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