MH Coalition Coordinator

Mental Health Coalition Executive Committee Profile

Project Coordinator

Joshua Abioseh Duncan

Organizational affiliation: EAMH-SL; mh-LAP-SL

I am serving both as the project Coordinator and the Country Facilitator for the Mental; Health Coalition of Sierra Leone. I was charged with the formation and support of the Coalition to achieve its intended goal(s).
As project Coordinator and Country Facilitator, I am charged with the responsibility that the coalition is able to effectively manage its leadership and membership, see to it that effective project activities are done as was/would be required and give appropriate support to enhancing a status of independence and self sustenance.
Amidst the possible stigma that would and as has always been associated with those who are mentally ill or and their corresponding service providers, I believe, that Sierra Leone would never reach its zenith in the scale of social, economic and human development if it does not provide for the mentally disturbed. The scale is not limited to psychosis alone, but also includes those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., could be also be treated. There is need for voices to be raised on behalf of the mentally ill through advocacy and awareness raising to reaching the desired goal for all mentally disordered persons. The Coalition is the best place to have this done: together we can do better. Hence my motivation of not only accepting the job, but also joining and being an effective in the coalition.
I dream that one day (possibly in the nearest future) that, through the coalition and other stakeholders, Sierra Leoneans would have a change of perception on mental health and its activities and take up the necessary strides to implement policies and carry out right practice towards effective service delivery for the socio-economic growth and development of the country.
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