Executive Vice Chair

Mental Health Coalition Executive Committee Profile

Vice Chair

Gladys Palmer, Psy.D (Clinical Psychologist)

Organizational Affiliation: Nuwach Outpatient Services

Role in the Coalition: Vice Chair (2011-2013)
  • Working with the Chairman to facilitate quarterly meetings  of the coalition
  • Conducting training sessions to strengthen stress management skills of the coalition membership
  • Challenging stigma and discrimination against the mentally ill through  radio and television broadcasts
  • Lobbying with government officials to improve mental health services nationwide
When I relocated to Sierra Leone in 2009, it was obvious that the MH GAP was much too vast for one individual or organization to effectively address. The MH Coalition is a place of belonging, where I connect with people of like passion and vision for the promotion of MH legislation and services. While maintaining our unique qualities as individuals and organizations, our successes thus far do not hang as a shingle on a coalition member’s door. Rather, it is the expertise and skills of our dedicated membership that enable us achieve our goals.
My vision for the status of MH in Sierra Leone is an increased number of people who are able to access treatment through affordable, efficient and de-centralized mental health services. I also seek to collaborate with other stakeholders to provide training in In-patient admission criteria and de-escalation techniques as well as to advocate for the establishment of an Ethics Committee to regulate the practices of MH service providers.
 Dr. Gladys Palmer


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Speak with one voice on mental health issues in Sierra Leone

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Mental Health Coalition - S/L

Speak with one voice on mental health issues in Sierra Leone

Mental Health Coalition - Sierra Leone

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